In an industry that’s positively choked with agents, Oath Group’s agents stand out.

Win-win strategies are the only ones our agents pursue, and they’ll go above and beyond to help our clients get the maximum value for their property or their home-buying budget.

The Oath Group process works because our agents aren’t afraid of doing the extra work in service of our clients. Some people say that we offer the highest level of customer service, but we know that this is simply the only level of service that we’re willing to accept.

If you're looking to buy or sell a home in Toronto or any postal area across the GTA, Oath Group Real
Estate is the only team you need to call.

Ryan Calvert

Realtor, Founder

There’s no such thing as standing still - you’re either moving forward or moving backward.
As the Oath Group leader, Ryan is always searching for new things to learn and new ways to coach his team and help them grow, or he’s diving into the numbers of financial planning to help expand the business as well.

He’s a simultaneous coach and team player. Easy to talk to. Easy to work with. And will spend his working and personal hours to find the perfect place that meets and exceeds every expectation. To Ryan, it’s all about going beyond the call of duty to make sure his clients are as happy as can be.

When Ryan’s not training his staff or blowing away customer expectations, he’s reading books to discover new ways to improve, playing video games, traveling, or just hanging out with his family and working on earning that “#1 Dad” coffee mug.

Richard Zhang

Why is Richard so good with people?

In college, he ran his own window-cleaning business. He wore all the hats, including sales, finance, and being a one-man customer service department. Customer satisfaction was at an all-time high thanks to his ability to handle requests and deliver at a superior level.

We asked Richard what he’d like to see in a five-star review.

“I’d want them to say that I am a humorous guy that’s easy to get along with. I really enjoy connecting
with people and being able to see my clients’ satisfaction with above-and-beyond service is something that really satisfies me.”

A little more about Richard:

Bill Hou

Who is Bill Hou?

When Bill Hou began his sales career over 25 years ago and ventured into real estate over 12 years ago, he enjoyed the excitement of negotiating and closing deals. But as his experience grew and he was engaged by more and more families his drive and motivation matured. Today, he derives delight from helping his clients find their dream homes and find happiness where they ultimately lay their heads. It’s not surprising, given his own commitment to family. If Bill isn’t working with clients in their real estate pursuits, he’s spending time with his wife and son. 

“I love hanging out with my wife and son,” Bill says. “We make meals together, play together and really enjoy each other’s company.” 

It’s this family value that is hard-baked into his DNA that results in such great relationships with his clients. Many of them look forward to continuing their relationship with him even after their real estate transaction has been completed. There aren’t many people Bill has worked with he doesn’t connect with even a few times each year. 

And there’s one more reason clients are happy when working with Bill: he puts their needs above all else. Working with Bill will never leave you wondering if your best interests were put first.

Tamara Learning

Director of Marketing

If you’ve ever wondered why Oath Group’s branding is so seamless and professional, that’s because of Tamara. She understands the importance of positive branding to creating meaningful client relationships, and she works tirelessly to keep it fresh with the latest marketing techniques.

Tamara has been in the real estate industry for over four years, excelling in a variety of roles before she became our director of marketing. Tamara’s also our acting client coordinator, and her giving nature makes her a natural when it comes to looking after both clients and coworkers.

When she’s not giving us the on-brand presentation that we’re known for, you can find in her tucked into a good book or at the beach – sometimes doing both at the same time.
Terrence Gordan
Inside Sales Associate

We’re proud to know that when we’re trying to match buyers with sellers and sellers with buyers, they’ll probably talk to Terry. His superior people skills and tireless work ethic help convey the value that Oath Group delivers to our customers, and it, in turn, helps us provide them with better service.

Terrence is a sports enthusiast with a soft spot for animals and a graduate of OREA College for Real Estate Licensing.

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