Job Description

Have you been searching for a real estate firm that’s a “good fit?”
It’s hard to quantify, isn’t it?
You want a team that’s going to help you succeed, but you also know that a good workplace is more
than just racking up a high score. You want somewhere you can really fit in, grow, set personal records
and celebrate when your coworkers set theirs. And maybe even have a few laughs along the way!
Then you’re looking for Own A Toronto Home, and we’re looking for you!
We’re a growing team with Keller Williams, and when you work with us, we’ll provide you with: We’re looking for full-time agents who are able to drive and work on a commission-based pay structure.
When you’re part of our team your regular responsibilities will include: We know you’re ready to put in the work, and we’ve got a place where you can thrive and have some
fun at the same time.
Contact Own a Home Toronto today!

Toronto is home.
I’ve spent my life here. I’ve watched it grow and change. I grew up alongside those small neighborhoods
that turned into vibrant, next-big-thing parts of town. Toronto is a part of who I am and watching this
growth first-hand has been an invaluable instruction in identifying the trends within our city. Pairing this
training with my education in financial investing from George Brown is how we’re going to work
together to develop the investment strategy that will help you meet your financial goals.
Toronto has a world-class real estate market, so where would you like to start?
As a buyer, seller or an investor looking to participate in this booming economy, I can’t wait to help you
make the most of the unique opportunities Toronto has to offer.

What Is Own A Toronto Home?

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