What is OwnaTorontoHome? 

What are the advantages of hiring The OwnaTorontoHome Team?

We have developed the ideal formula for buying and selling Real Estate within the GTA. 

We understand and monitor various market trends and through this, we are able to make educated assessments on which plans to implement on a client by client nature. we will build our strategy around your personal needs not based on what other people have done in the past.  
We will work with your needs every step of the way because we view this as a partnership from the jump. We align ourselves with your needs to make them our mission. 
We understand that not all situations are similar or the same and this process can be overwhelming. We will provide you with our reputable mortgage broker who can guide you through the pre-approval process. Should you require those services.
At OwnaTorontoHome we do it for the joy of being part of your home buying or selling experience. We appreciate being part of your new steps. We believe in "Service Beyond the Sale" every time.

What Makes Us the Right Choice?

We will guide and ensure that you are informed and educated on the home buying and selling process from day one to the day you move into your dream home. 
  • We are never too busy to take your call or to follow up with our valued clients.
  • We respect your time and work completely with your schedule.
  • NO question is a bad question when you speak with us. Our job is to answer ALL of your questions.
  • We are people oriented and pride our ability to build meaningful connections.                                                                   
What Services do we Offer?
  • Buyer Agents 
  • Seller Agents
  • Investment Property
  • Leasing services  
  • Mortgage Broker 
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